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Membership in IEEE gives you targeted tools to advance your engineering and technology career, including:

  • job placement;
  • networking opportunities;
  • technical publications that keep skills current.

In addition, members are entitled to exclusive discounts on products and services, such as:

  • the cost of obtaining needed certifications;
  • conducting research;
  • continuing-education classes;
  • savings on financial products including insurance, office products, and moving services.

Alternate payment options: Prefer not to join online or don't have a credit card? Complete the online application, but choose the "Submit payment by mail" option on the payment page.



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Interested in Obtaining Senior Membership


Three references will be needed for your application for Senior Member grade elevation.  References must be an active IEEE member and hold the grade of IEEE Senior member, Life Senior member, Fellow or Life Fellow. After your references are obtained your application will go before the next Admission and Advancement (A&A) panel. A&A panels are on-going and future review panels are scheduled monthly.


A&A advancement requirements are:


You must work in an IEEE designated field such as Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, biological or medical science, mathematics, technical communications, education, management, and law and policy. 


10 years of professional experience is required and education counts toward this time, 3 years for a bachelors, 4 years for a masters and 5 years for a doctorate.


5 years of significant experience;  job responsibilities such as team leader, task supervisor, engineer in charge of a program or project, engineer or scientist performing research with some measure of success (papers), or faculty developing and teaching courses with research and publications, all are indications of significant performance.


There is no cost to you and the benefits are significant.  After A&A approval, you will receive peer recognition, a formal letter confirming their grade elevation, a wood and bronze engraved commemorative plaque, IEEE Senior Member employer notification, referral and review panel opportunities and a $25 voucher that can be used to join a society of the member’s choice.


Requirements for Senior Member Grade

Online Application

Becoming an IEEE Senior Member
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